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From the Bad Idea Files

You guys know how much I love High School Musical. And how much I love La Tizz, and how many ridiculous (and downright terrible) things I will watch for her. Heck, I’m even planning to […]

Mar, 31

Bits and Pieces

Some things that have turned up in Google Reader/been sent to me lately: #1: Exclusive: Metro Station to revive 60s TV show The Monkees Whut. So… the elder Cyrus and Musso siblings want a TV […]

Jan, 05

No guilt here, just pleasure.

One of the (many) reasons I love Tizz is that she just keeps getting better. She was vaguely endearing when The Suite Life of Zack and Cody started; she wound up being the apparent glue […]

Oct, 06

Round Up

Some brief happenings, mostly but not exclusively featuring the HSM alum crowd, because even as HSM’s stranglehold on tween culture fades, they remain my favorites: * Lucas Grabeel (and Drew “Singing Voice of Zac Efron” […]

Sep, 25

Aliens in the Attic

I mentioned a couple of times that Jess and I were excited for Aliens in the Attic, La Tizz’s first post-HSM3 cinematic offering. Excitement levels skyrocketed when we found out Josh Peck, Jess’s Inappropriately Young […]

Aug, 12

A fervent prayer

According to Just Jared Jr. (my faviest blog in the world, at least for tweeny things), Tizz has gotten a tattoo. But no one knows what it says! This here is our closest look at […]

Jul, 15

OH TIZZ HONEY…actually, hey.

Some years ago, Becky called me to talk about this blond girl on the Disney Channel named Ashley Tisdale. “She’s on this horrible show about twins in a hotel that I can’t stop watching,” she […]

Apr, 17


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