Tweenage Wasteland

Miley like a puma.

Big Time Grownups Attend a Big Time Tour, Meet Boy Band, Freak Out

Oh, Tweenketeers. How we’ve neglected you! It’s just that Zac Efron has mostly been keeping his ridiculous face away from photographers, and also we have finally reached that age where new sitcoms that are mostly […]

Hey, how ya doin?

I got home from work a few nights ago to find Official Tweenage Wasteland Official Older Sister Rachel watching this. I watched in absolute glee. All she said when it ended was, “Don’t worry, I […]

For Becky

Drew Seeley, once again your skill in choosing projects shows why no one has ever ever heard of you. Because what the ladies really find appealing is stalkers. BRB, loling forever.

Mar, 21


Tizz, spotted out and about with this season’s very tall boyfriend, wearing… is that a hoodie over a designer bib? I don’t even know. (source.)

Feb, 18

Merry Zefmas

You know how sometimes you see something on the internet, and you don’t care that it’s from a year ago and it feels super fake, even though it was reported a multiple news sites? Because […]

Dec, 26

What. WHAT.

Okay, so way back when I was an actual tween, you know, 1993, there was this show. It ran for awhile. If you’re my age, there is a 99% chance you remember it, and if […]

Nov, 03

Oh, Zef, you never disappoint, do you?

Hey, when did Zaf Efron turn into Tom Cruise?

Sep, 14