The Great Disney Blogathon: Alice in Wonderland (1951)


After two sequels in a row, we’re back to our chronological Disney overview with Alice in Wonderland! Much like Cinderella, this was a concept Walt had been tinkering with for decades: there were the Alice shorts of the 20s, which featured a live action girl in a cartoon world; the 1936 Mickey Mouse short “Thru […]


The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 2.01 – “City of Heroes”

Time for Season 2! We open with Ollie running through the jungle on the island, but this clearly isn’t a flashback, since there’s no wig. And what’s this? The light is clear and bright and cheerful and I can actually see Ollie’s face??? I LOVE IT. He stares at a plane overhead. And who’s on […]


A Shirley Temple Retrospective, Part 1

Shirley Temple Black died on February 10th of this year, at 85 years old. She had a remarkably full life: diplomat, author, breast cancer survivor, great-grandmother, and, oh yeah, the biggest box office draw of the 1930s. She was also one of my personal heroes. And, you know, that’s a complicated thing, because I don’t […]


The Smallville Project: Episode 2.02 – “Heat”

Rebecca: I’ll be honest: I couldn’t wait to recap this episode with you. I’m so excited we finally made it. Jess: We’ve come so far together! Smallville High, with a big “Welcome Back!” banner in front. Clark is talking to a handheld camera: “Well, [Flash], you shipped over over there…I’m sure it’s pretty warm…that sucked.” […]

Scandal Wears Satin 2012-07

What I Read in February

Continuing the mission to demolish my To Read pile! (And yes, I know March is nearly over. Hush. I’ll catch up!) Week Six (February 2-8): Devilish by Maureen Johnson. Jane’s best friend Allison is seriously uncool – until she makes a literal deal with the devil. Can Jane save her best friend’s soul, and her […]

The Smallville Project: Episode 2.01 – “Vortex”


We’re back! Jess: When we last left Smallville, Lana had been sucked up into a giant tornado, Clark had abandoned Chloe at the dance to rescue Lana, Clark’s rocket had started glowing and floating, Jonathan had chased Roger the Reporter into the storm to prevent him from telling the world about Clark, and Lex was […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 1.23 – “Sacrifice”


Flashback. It’s the scene in the raft where Robert kills the random other guy and then himself. I love (“love”) that Robert’s moral imperative to Ollie that inspires the whole damn show starts with murder. Present day. Someone throws a bucket of cold water in Ollie’s face and he comes to. He’s in a warehouse, […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #285, “Superman Presents Supergirl to the World!” and “The Infinite Monster!”


FINALLY, Y’ALL. JUSTICE IN OUR TIME! Well, in 1962. Aw, honey. When we last left our heroine, Superman – and the narration box – had promised to really really for-true tell the world about her in the very next issue. He’s finally about to make good – but first, he says, they need to explain […]

The Great Disney Blogathon: Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (2007)


I’ve mentioned a few times at this point that Cinderella III is one of the better sequels.1 But since I hadn’t seen it in a few years, I was starting to worry that I was overstating its merits. Upon rewatching it for Blogathoning purposes, though, I can state with certainty that I didn’t have to […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #283, “The Six Red ‘K’ Perils of Supergirl!” and #284, “The Strange Bodies of Supergirl!”


When we last left our heroine, Mr. Mxyzptlk had restored her powers and rendered her immune to kryptonite. But she’s not out of the woods yet! Whaaaa? How did this happen? We open our story with Linda reveling in having her superpowers back. But with her folks away in Europe and Superman on a trip […]

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