The Great Disney Blogathon: The Jungle Book (1967)


The Jungle Book is the end of an era. It was the last film produced during Walt’s lifetime, released ten months after his death. That fact overshadowed the movie itself at the time it was released, and it still overshadows it for me, watching it 48 years later. The Jungle Book is basically a freewheeling […]


The Great Disney Blogathon: The Sword in the Stone (1963)

In some ways The Sword in the Stone is a bit of a return to form: magic, castles, knights, legends. It even opens with a close-up of an ornate book. But a few things mark it as undeniably a product of Late Classic/60s-70s Disney: the scratchy Xeroxed look we talked about last time, the often […]


The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.08 – “The Brave and the Bold”

Okay, first we’re all going to bask in this episode’s title and its deep-cut nerdery. Ahhhhhhhh. Team Arrow bursts into a house where their boomerang murderer – you know what, I’m just going to start calling him Digger to save time – is hiding out. He’s gone, but they run into a squad from A.R.G.U.S. […]


Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #309, “The Superman Super-Spectacular!” and “The Untold Story of Argo City!”

Supergirl Saturday is back! …On a Sunday. Shhh, don’t think about it too hard. We’re kicking off the new year with one of the most famous/infamous Silver Age Superman stories of all time: WHO COULD IT BE? I’m going to skim over this story, since it’s mostly just a string of cameos, but the basic […]


There Is a Flash Project Now Too I Guess: Episode 1.08, “Flash vs. Arrow”

Barry zips through the city, voiceovering about the scientific basis behind love as he does nice things for people, including painting a wall on a new Palmer Technologies building. The helping is cute; the speed-spying on Iris is not. Bank. A man in sunglasses comes in and makes eye contact with as many people as […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.07 – “Draw Back Your Bow”


Six months ago. The mirakuru soldiers are tearing up the city. Team Arrow is zooming through the streets in a van when they stop so that Ollie can rescue a redheaded woman being choked by a soldier. He knocks him out/maybe kills him (?) with an explosive arrow and Team Arrow takes off. The woman […]

What I Read in October


Week Forty (October 5-11): Koko Be Good by Jen Wang. Jon is ready to pack up his whole life and move to Peru to support his girlfriend’s humanitarian efforts when he meets Koko, a high-octane troublemaker who, inspired by Jon’s example, decides to devote herself to “being good.” Naturally, chaos ensues. I’ve been a fan […]

There Is a Flash Project Now Too I Guess: Episode 1.07, “Power Outage”


Ten months ago. Three college-age-ish kids are on the outskirts of the city, totally drunk, to watch the particle accelerator turn on. One of them, Farooq, climbs a power line for a better vantage point, but when he sees the accelerator blow, he screams at his friends to get in the car. They do, but […]

Friday Links Roundup

little orphan annie

What’s going on at Panels? Great stuff: I Love Ya, Tomorrow: The Pluckiest Orphans in Comics. Annie is coming out tomorrow and I am SO SO SO excited. To celebrate, I talked about a few of my favorite parentless moppets. Off the Page: The Green Hornet Radio Serial. I hope you like “Flight of the […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.06 – “Guilty”


We fade directly from Roy’s nightmares in the “Previously On” to Roy zonking out on a mission. Ollie impatiently leads him and Diggle in an assault on a gang’s stronghold, but they find all the gang members dead inside – and strung up by their ankles. It’s really, really disturbing, especially since they’re not white, […]

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