The Great Disney Blogathon: Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure (2001)


After a few sequels that were way better than I expected them to be, it was inevitable that I’d eventually encounter one that is just as mediocre as I expected. Enter Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure, an utterly by-the-numbers direct-to-video nothing. First, some history, because Scamp’s actually got a pretty interesting one! Though […]


Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #296, “The Girl Who Was Supergirl’s Double!”

Last week, we met Lena Thorul, Kara’s first real gal pal. But gal pals can be tricky when your writers are sexist! (Sigh.) Wow, Lena, dramatic much? Our story begins with Linda, Lena, and some other random girl out for a stroll, when: Lena’s so helpful and heroic, so unlike her older brother! Also, what’s […]


The Smallville Project: Episode 2.12 – “Insurgence”

Jess: Luthor Castle. Closeup on Lex’s steepled fingers. Alexander, you are a parody of yourself. He yells at some terrified businessman about something boring having to do with Lionel getting the jump on him. The guy flees and Lex flings his computer onto the floor, smashing it – then picks up a flower that was […]


The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 2.10 – “Blast Radius”

A rainy parking lot. Ollie chases down a criminal, hangs him up by his ankles, and demands to know who the man in “the skull mask” is. It’s really more of a demon mask, Ollie, but okay. The guy pleads ignorance. ARROW! Arrowcave. Felicity’s missing, apparently in Central City with a comatose Barry, and Ollie […]


Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #295, “The Girl with the X-Ray Mind!”

One thing that Supergirl’s been missing in these comics is a BFF. Sure, there’s the ladies of the Legion, but they live in the future – not exactly a phone call away. Enter her first civilian buddy, who is more than what she seems: the fabulous Lena Thorul! Our story begins with the Danverses and […]

The Smallville Project: Episode 2.11 – “Visage”


Jess: The Talon, night. Lana and Clark stare mournfully at a leaky pipe. Clark attempts to fix it but sprays water all over both of them; as Lana scurries to get a wrench and a towel, he welds the pipe shut with his heat vision. Well, that’ll be great if it ever needs to be […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 2.09 – “Three Ghosts”


Arrowcave. Ollie’s flatlining. Barry’s freaking because “I usually only work on dead people” (hee!), but with Felicity’s urging he narrows it down to two substances that might be causing Ollie’s symptoms. He has Diggle start chest compressions, takes a blood sample, and concludes that Ollie’s blood is, well, thickening. “You can save him, right?” Felicity […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #294, “The Mutiny of Super-Horse!”


This week, Linda continues to be totally weird about her horse. Let’s get into it, shall we? As you’ll recall, last issue Comet the Super-Horse was unknowingly sold to a movie studio to become a Horse Movie Star, Which Is Totally a Thing. Coincidentally, the filmmakers ask Supergirl to help with the effects and she […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 2.08 – “The Scientist”


A QC warehouse, night. A storm rages outside. Two security guards hear a noise outside the door and draw their weapons. Suddenly something breaks down the door. They fire, but whoever it is grabs them and throws them across the room easily, then strides across the warehouse, looking for something. ARROW! Queen Consolidated. Ollie, Moira, […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #292, “The Super-Steed of Steel!” and #293, “The Secret Origin of Supergirl’s Super-Horse!”


Get ready, gang, it’s HORSE O’ CLOCK. Okay, so for those of you who don’t know (all four of you), one of the most infamous aspects of the Silver Age, and certainly the thing most often brought up with respect to Supergirl and the kookiness of the era, is: “Supergirl dated her horse.” Which is […]

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