What I Read in June


(Yes, I’m behind. I may have spent a lot of this month rereading a bunch of Redwall books. Shhh.) Week Twenty-Two (June 1-7): Princeless: Volume 1 by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin. When Princess Adrienne’s parents lock her up in a tower guarded by a dragon in order to ensure that only the bravest suitor […]


The Great Disney Blogathon: Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Lady and the Tramp is my favorite of the classic era Disney movies. There’s something really homey and gentle about it; it’s one of the smallest-scale Disney movies, with a limited geographical scope and fairly low stakes. But every piece of this domestic little adventure fits exactly where it should, with nothing missing or extraneous, […]


Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #291, “The Bride of Mr. Mxyzptlk!”

We’re now entering the era of Supergirl’s adventures where they start to be kind of soapy, while still remaining gleeful Silver Age nonsense – in other words, the stage of her adventures that is BASICALLY AMAZING. First up, romantic drama, familial drama, and one of my two favorite Superman villains! (The other is Bizarro.) Our […]


The Smallville Project: Episode 2.09 – “Dichotic”

Jess: Smallville High, shop class. Clark has made a big metal S, because the writers of the show are profoundly unimaginative. Rebecca: The teacher holds it up to Clark’s chest in a really unnatural way for an embarrassing amount of time. I want to die. Jess: Meanwhile, Jonathan Taylor Thomas has made a letter opener […]


The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 2.07 – “State v. Queen”

We start “six months ago,” with Moira’s press conference telling everyone to get out of the Glades. Cut to Iron Heights, where the guards are evacuating while the prisoners are left to fend for themselves. In his cell, Count Vertigo (who I guess is…not in a mental health institution anymore?) hides under his bed during […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #290, “Supergirl’s Super Boy-Friends!”


Happy Saturday! This week, Supergirl’s boyfriends are, like, actually the most annoying. Get better men, girl! Our story begins with Linda realizing just how trendy she’s become: I like that she describes her wig the same way someone might describe Batman. Later, Linda and Dick go on a date and sparks fly. Boring, brush-cutted sparks: […]

The Smallville Project: Episode 2.08 – “Ryan”


Jess: A darkened lab. Ryan (remember Ryan?) sits shirtlessly in a chair, covered with electrodes. Rebecca: The WB: “Even our children are shirtless!” Jess: “All right, Ryan, what am I looking at?” a man in a lab coat asks. When Ryan doesn’t answer, the doctor snaps at him. Ryan sullenly describes the pictures on the […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 2.06 – “Keep Your Enemies Closer”


Night. Roy jabs the flechette Ollie gave him into an alley wall. Queen Consolidated. Isabel is reading Ollie the riot act for being a total flake where the business is concerned. Felicity interrupts, to both of their annoyance, and says she needs to talk to Ollie about “your, uh, plans. With Mr. Harper?” Ollie excuses […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #289, “Superman’s Super-Courtship!”


Happy weekend, folks! Did you enjoy the story where Superman came up with a contrived reason to make out all over his underage cousin’s face? Were you hoping for more of that gross action? Well, this week’s Supergirl Saturday is for you! LINDA THAT’S WEIRD. I KNOW YOU’RE NEW TO EARTH BUT TRUST ME, IT’S […]

The Smallville Project: Episode 2.07 – “Lineage”


Jess: Kent Farm, day. Martha hollers at Clark that he’s running late and the whole family has some very cute banter about super speed and lateness; Jonathan teases that for all her complaints about Clark, Martha was even late to their wedding. Meanwhile, Clark toasts a slice of bread with his heat vision in a […]

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