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little orphan annie

What’s going on at Panels? Great stuff: I Love Ya, Tomorrow: The Pluckiest Orphans in Comics. Annie is coming out tomorrow and I am SO SO SO excited. To celebrate, I talked about a few of my favorite parentless moppets. Off the Page: The Green Hornet Radio Serial. I hope you like “Flight of the […]


The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.06 – “Guilty”

We fade directly from Roy’s nightmares in the “Previously On” to Roy zonking out on a mission. Ollie impatiently leads him and Diggle in an assault on a gang’s stronghold, but they find all the gang members dead inside – and strung up by their ankles. It’s really, really disturbing, especially since they’re not white, […]


The Great Disney Blogathon: Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)

In honor of the season, I’m taking a break from the usual Disney Blogathon to cover one of my very favorite random pieces of Disneyana. Now, lots of folks swear by The Muppet Christmas Carol or Scrooged or what have you, but for me, the ultimate Christmas Carol homage is Mickey’s Christmas Carol.1 This was […]


The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.05 – “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”

We open with a montage: Ollie and Roy stick fighting in the Arrowcave, Laurel and Ted boxing in the ring, Thea and Malcolm sword fighting. “How do normal people spend their morning?” Thea asks. GREAT. Cut to Felicity in her apartment, puffing through some situps. She has a poster of the Errol Flynn Robin Hood […]


There Is a Flash Project Now Too I Guess: Episode 1.06, “The Flash Is Born”

I miss proper recaps, and they’ve been going quickly enough for Arrow, so let’s see if we can apply that to The Flash too, okay? This is very experimental because this post may devolve at any minute into the words “AHHHH GRANT GUSTIN’S FAAAAAACE” nine thousand times in a row, but I’ll do my best […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.04 – “The Magician”


We pick up with Nyssa in the Arrowcave, demanding to know where Sara is – but she guesses the answer from Ollie’s expression. She tearfully demands to know where the body is and storms out once she has the answer. Ollie tells Roy to follow her. That’ll go well. Ollie meets Thea for dinner. She […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.03 – “Corto Maltese”


We open six months ago, with Thea getting into Malcolm’s limo. She asks him to teach her how not to get hurt anymore. Present day. Ollie chases down a lead on Sara’s murder, but it goes nowhere. Frustrated, he turns to the Thea issue, and luckily, Felicity’s tracked her to Corto Maltese (Diggle: “What’s with […]

What I Read in September


Week Thirty-Six (September 7-13): The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan. The sequel to The Duchess War, this book focuses on Robert’s illegitimate half-brother Oliver Marshall, who is willing to do pretty much anything to advance his political career and prove that he’s not as worthless as his noble associates think he is. Enter Jane Fairfield, […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #307, “Supergirl’s Wedding Day!”


Hey there! Have you been missing an icky Supergirl romance since the last one almost a whole month ago? Well, have I got good news for you, then. I guess. You know, my biggest question here isn’t who is Tor-An and how will Kara get out of this, but does anyone remember that Kara is […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episode 3.02 – “Sara”


… Okay, I guess we have to do this. Ollie, Roy, and Felicity enter the Arrowcave to find Laurel there, with Sara’s body and covered in her blood. “I didn’t know where else to take her,” she says. Felicity starts crying and babbling that they need to take Sara to the hospital. Roy holds her […]

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