There Is a Flash Project Now Too I Guess: Episode 1.04, “Going Rogue”


Joe’s gotten an episode, Caitlin’s gotten an episode, and now it’s Cisco’s turn. This would be great, since he’s my favorite after Barry…except Cisco’s behavior in this episode makes no actual sense whatsoever. He supposedly made the cold gun in case Barry turned out to be evil…but when? Because literally from the moment they met […]


Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #306, “The Maid of Doom!”

We’re back to our regular Silver Age Supergirlian adventures this week – so of course this story, which is basically a run-of-the-mill adventure, involves Supergirl saving the Earth and probably large parts of the universe. You know, just as a matter of course. Because she’s rad. So let’s get to it! I can’t decide whether […]


Friday Links Roundup

Whole bunch of new stuff from me over at Panels since I last posted about it! The Ballad of Barry Allen: The CW Musical Extravaganza That Needs to Happen. As y’all know by now, I love Flash and I…something Arrow. But I’d love both EVEN MORE if they would utilize their secretly all-singing all-dancing casts […]

Things You Can't Outrun

There Is a Flash Project Now Too I Guess: Episode 1.03, “Things You Can’t Outrun”

This is a non-Johns episode, which means three things: 1. it’s a lot subtler, 2. it’s less entertaining in a ludicrous way, and 3. a woman gets to have feelings (one of the writers is even a woman! Alison Schapker, to be specific). So make of that what you will! I mean, Iris is still […]


There Is a Flash Project Now Too I Guess: Episode 1.02, “Fastest Man Alive”

So this is the Daddy Issues episode…pretty early for it, considering it’s only Episode 2, but this is Geoff Johns so I guess we should be grateful we got through the pilot relatively unscathed. Also I freaking love daddy issues in fiction – my favorite story of all time is Annie, a.k.a. Cranky Daddy Saves […]

There Is a Flash Project Now Too I Guess: Episode 1.01, “Pilot”


“To understand what I’m about to tell you, you need to do something first: you need to believe in the impossible.” And so we begin the first episode of Flash, a show which is 50% pure joy straight to the jugular, 50% incredibly stupid dialogue. I’m not going to be recapping the show fully because […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #60, “Lois Lane – Superwoman!”


We’re going way back this time, guys – all the way to the Golden Age! Kara Zor-El was the first recurring character to use the name “Supergirl,” but DC – well, National – had been experimenting with female characters with Superman’s powers since 1943. And the obvious first choice was one Ms. Lois Lane: I […]

Supergirl Saturday: “H’el on Earth” (Supergirl v6 #14-16, Superboy v5 #14-16 and Annual #1, Superman v3 #13-17)


It’s time to check in with the New 52 Kara again, in her very first multi-issue Supercrossover! It’s…it’s pretty awful. But before we get into the crossover itself, let’s take a quick look at Kara’s appearances in her cousins’ books up to this point. (Jeez, look at the list of issues in that title. Boy […]

The Smallville Project: Episode 2.17 – “Rosetta”


Jess: We open with a long shot panning down from the clouds into the Kawatche caves, finally focusing on one painting in particular. The shot reverses, and we see Clark, awkwardly flying (seriously, Welling clearly was not enjoying this wire work). He reaches out to touch the painting, which has a spot just right for […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #305, “The Girl Who Hated Supergirl!”


Over the past year, I’ve shown you a Silver Age Supergirl who is warm and friendly, cheerful and kind – always ready to help out, whether it be saving the world or brightening a small child’s day. Is it any wonder that everyone loves her? Well. Not everyone. Someone hating Supergirl? How can this be??? […]

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