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Hey! Do you love my incessant ramblings about comics? Do you wish they were MORE incessant? Then you should check out the brand-new, kickass PANELS, a new site dedicated to celebrating comics! You already know I can’t resist a good recurring feature – well, I’ve got one over there called Off the Page. Here’s a […]


Back Issue Bin Review: Flash v2

Wow, it’s been a long time since the last Back Issue Bin post, huh? There’s a very good reason for that, which I’ll get to in a moment, but let me set the scene first. Flash v2 is the post-Crisis series starring Wally West, the third Flash. It ran (ha!) for 247 issues, from 1987 […]


What I Read in August

(Yes, I know I’m behind.) Week Thirty-One (August 3-9): Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. I feel like Mindy Kaling and I should be best friends. We can day drink and ogle Chris Evans together. How do I make that happen? Week Thirty-Two (August 10-16): The Giver by Lois […]


Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #304, “The Maid of Menace!”

Fishguys and sleazy con artists are all well and good, but there’s nothing that spurs a good superhero story like a good supervillain, and so far Supergirl’s only got one to call her own. With this issue, make that two: Uh-oh! I am seriously enjoying the evil librarian look Black Flame has going, though. Our […]


The Smallville Project: Episode 2.15 – “Prodigal”

Jess: Gambling den. Everyone there is Chinese except for one smug white guy in a suit. He speaks Chinese, though, and is in fact working with one of the waiters to cheat at poker. He’s caught and is forced to flee for his life out the back alley; he’s about to be shot when Lex […]

The Great Disney Blogathon: One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)


Part of the reason I embarked on this blogging project was to have an excuse to watch all the Disney movies in chronological order (sequels aside), something I’ve never done before. It’s been an interesting experience seeing the company’s style and output change as new creators and technologies rise and fall, as cultural values evolve […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #303, “The Monster from Krypton!” and “Supergirl’s Big Brother!”


I know I keep saying this, but this issue features one of the grossest men to ever wander through Supergirl’s life. But first, our girl makes the cover for a cameo in the lead Superman story: Well, this oughta be good. Okay, so this exact scene doesn’t happen in the issue, but it gives me […]

The Extremely Ill-Advised Arrow Project: Episodes 2.20 – 2.23


2.20 – Seeing Red: Roy wakes up, twitchy and crazed, and storms out of the Arrowcave. Ollie’s just asked Sara to move in with him when they get the news. They’re unable to track him down, but he runs into Sin and attacks her, plus a bunch of guys who try to defend her. She […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #302, “The Day Super-Horse Went Wild!”


If you enjoyed that gross Comet-kissing last time, you’ll love this issue, which features not one but three loser boyfriends! Oh, Linda. Get better taste. Our story begins with the Danvers family in attendance at a “sea circus” that features poorly trained animals and brutish captors. So, basically, Blackfish. I love that Captain Mustache doesn’t […]

The Smallville Project: Episode 2.14 – “Rush”


Jess: Night, a field somewhere. Chloe and Pete pull up to where a mass of cars is parked for what Chloe describes as “a rave in a cave.” Pete’s concerned, because these caves are the Kawatche ones, but Chloe doesn’t think “a little Moby” will do any damage. Rebecca: Did Pete already get a new […]

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