Debbie Reynolds and Me


Debbie Reynolds died yesterday. She was 84. It wouldn’t have been a shock, especially in a year that’s taken so many famous names from us – except that her daughter Carrie Fisher died the day before, at the much more shocking age of 60. Without that, Debbie Reynolds’s death would have meant clips from Singin’ […]


Supergirl Sunday: Action Comics #324, “The Black Magic of Supergirl!”

Hiya, folks! I know it’s been a while (and it’s not Saturday), but when I realized how thematically appropriate the next Supergirl appearance I had to cover was, I knew I had to get it in by Halloween. I mean, check this out: Honestly, how cute is demon Supergirl? She’s adorable. I love her. But […]


The Great Disney Blogathon: Oliver and Company

The Great Disney Blogathon is back! It’s been…*checks*…hey, let’s not talk about how long it’s been since the last one, huh? Cool! Now. Something you may have noticed if you’ve been around for earlier installments of this series is that I try really, really hard never to totally pan one of these movies, even the […]


What I Read in 2015, Part 2

Um. So. Let’s call 2015 the year I stopped reading books without pictures in them? Because, uh, I read a ton last year, but it was almost exclusively comics. Not totally, though! Here’s some prose: 5. The Lotus Palace by Jeannie Lin: Shy Yue-ying is the overlooked maidservant to the beautiful courtesans at the Lotus […]


Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #321, “The Enemy Supergirl!” #322, “The Planet of Outcasts!” and #323, “The Kryptonian Killer!”

It’s the first Supergirl Saturday of 2016! *tosses confetti* And we’re kicking it off on a low note, with the thrilling saga of how women are just, honestly, the worst. Just terrible. Down with women, I guess. (The women’s lib backlash in the comic book industry was protracted and full of whiny babies stomping their […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #320, “The Man Who Broke Supergirl’s Heart”


Having been at college for two whole issues, Kara has basically dropped all concern over her studies so we can concentrate on her love life. That seems about right. The actual boy in question is less creepy than the usual fare, but everything still ends in heartbreak for our girl: Please note that we have […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #318, “Supergirl Goes to College!” and #319, “The Super-Cheat!”


It’s Supergirl Saturday! Finally! I know, I know, it’s been ages, but with Supergirl premiering this past Monday I couldn’t very well miss the MOST IMPORTANT SUPERGIRL WEEK OF ALL, at least since 1984. (Which was, of course, the most important Supergirl year because I was born. And also I guess there was a movie […]

The Great Disney Blogathon: A Goofy Movie (1995)


Today we’re skipping ahead a few years to touch on a movie that, like Mickey’s Christmas Carol, isn’t part of the official Disney animated canon. It is, however, one of my all-time favorites, and as it’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year1 – and as I spent a recent evening losing my mind over it […]

Supergirl Saturday: Action Comics #317, “The Great Supergirl Double-Cross!”


It’s Supergirl Saturday! (Well, Sunday. Shhh.) We’ve got a quick one for you folks tonight, but it includes LENA THORUL, and you guys know how much I love her. Well, that seems out of character for Linda. How could this have happened? Our story begins with Linda and Dick meeting Lena’s new flame, Jeff Colby, […]

The Great Disney Blogathon: The Great Mouse Detective (1986)


I didn’t see The Great Mouse Detective until I was already an adult and a die-hard Sherlock Holmes fan. I’m the annoying kind of Sherlock Holmes fan, too – the kind who hates most adaptations and will argue pedantically for hours upon hours about how all the things pop culture thinks about him and his […]

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