There are a number of ways to contact me online, should you be so inclined.

E-Mail (most reliable, quickest response):

Social Media:
Twitter: allreb (This is the best non-email way to get my attention.)
Facebook: allreb (This is basically locked, but if you know me in real life, feel free to send a friend request.)
Tumblr: beckytext (Trying a new username!)
Goodreads: allreb
Instagram: allreb
Pinterest: allreb

(Obviously I do not use these all equally. Twitter and tumblr are the platforms I spend the most time on. Instagram is mostly used for pictures of brunch and nail art. Pinterest is mostly not used at all.)

Why allreb?

Because Rebecca Allen is a very common name: according to How Many of Me, there are 1,141 people with my first+last name combo in the U.S. “Allreb” comes from “Allen, Rebecca,” but I hadn’t seen it used anywhere else. Let’s just say if you google allreb you’re way more likely to get me than if you google my actual name.

(Also, in third grade, it was my assigned username for our classroom computers, which I needed to play Oregon Trail and Number Munchers. It stuck in my head, and I liked the idea of being allreb@somewhere a lot more than being, say, RebeccaAllen1983 or whatever. Much more elegant that way.)